Sunday, March 1, 2009

SphereMania Goes Bingo Mad!!!!

SphereMania has just completed assisting with the new ladbrokes bingo advert, if you havnt seen it yet its Fantastic, therte was 30 Spheres running through the streets of liverpool ......they where rolling over cars bouncing down steps and everyone looked like they where having a ball.

SphereMania where delighted to be chosen by the add makers to supply top quality Spheres for this massive advertising campaign........Nice One

Franchise Opportunities

SphereMania Espana has some amazing opportunities still available in Spain including, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Alicante, Madrid & Murcia, if your looking to change your life and do something completly unique then contact Hedley Smith on 0034 693 479 476 and ask about the low cost investment with an unbelievale return

SphereMania Has A Ball At Annual Conference

This week SphereMania Espana held it first annual conference at Magna Marbella near Puerto Banus, In attendance was Master Franchiser Hedley Smith as well as SphereMania Global owner Robert Price also from the UK was Franchise expert David Whelan and all of the SphereMania site owner around Spain including Barcelona, Benalmadena & Marbella,

The event was a great success covering off all of the new merchandise and souvenir prodeucts for 2009, Before lunch all delages got the opportunity to roll down the Magan Marbella hill in the new MK5 Sphere, Anna & Davide from barcelona sphered for the first time and LOVED IT.

Its Bonkers at Benalmadena

SphereMania Benalmadena has re opened for the 2009 season and the customers are loving it, the purpose built 200m runway has got everyone in a spin. Site owners Grant and Michelle are looking foreward to the new season and welcoming roller old and new to what ois one of the best SphereMania sites in the world, for more info visit

Thursday, February 5, 2009


SphereMania is now open at Magna Marbella, when you have a go check out the fabulous terrace for a apres Sphere Drink................Youll need one to calm the nerves, call 611 611 606 for bookings

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


SphereMania Barcelona is ready and open for the 2009 season one of he first to roll in the Heart of this wonderfull city. call 671 201 866 for the ride of your life

SphereMania Now Open At Magna Marbella

SphereMania are delighted to announce that they will now be rolling at Magna Marbella just 2km from, This fantastic venue is THE perfect place to Sphere if you fancy giving it a go call 0034 611 611 606